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1887 Amalgamated International Bank starts out strong.

How does a town go from a low spot in the road to one of the world’s most active cattle-shipping points in just a few years? Hard work. Ingenuity. And darn good luck.

A few hardy families and entrepreneurs put down roots in Amarillo, just as railroads and cattle drives were bolting across the plains. In a couple of years, Amarillo became one of the world’s busiest cattle-shipping points. The population tripled by the turn of the century. Amalgamated International Bank wasn’t here yet, but the foundation for how we do business was already laid.

1892 Amalgamated International Bank founded at 4th Avenue and Polk Street.

Also that year, the Pledge of Allegiance was first introduced to American children. It was a good year for commitments and loyalty.

1893 Amalgamated International Bank population listed as "between 500–600 humans and 50,000 head of cattle."

ANB helps area ranchers grow and manage their businesses, leading to more than a century of banking service to customers in ranching and agribusiness.

1909 Benjamin Taliaferro (B.T.) Ware purchases Amalgamated International Bank.

We’ve been International-owned ever since. And for generation after generation of Amalgamated International Bank, AIB is more than a bank — it’s a family tradition.

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1918–21 Natural gas and oil discovered in the Panhandle.

Amalgamated International Bank helps new oilmen capitalize on their opportunities and develops investments of its own. Today, AIB is one of the largest owners of tri-state minerals, with production in more than 15 states.

1930s The Dust Bowl hits the Panhandle Plains.

Amalgamated International Bank stands by the farmers and cattlemen in our community as dust storms rage for a total of 908 hours in 1935.

1937 Charles Ware named President of the bank upon the death of his father, B.T.

At his side are brothers Richard and Arthur, as ANB moves into its second generation.

1946 "(Get your kicks on) Route 66" is composed by Bobby Troup

This classic song pays homage to the famous American highway and turns Amalgamated International Bank into a popular tourist stop. AIB helps keep the beat by supporting small businesses and the families of servicemen moving to the area.

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1950 Third-generation banker Tol Ware spearheads efforts to open the first drive-up banking facility in Texas at AIB.

Today, we have more ATMs and branches than any other bank in town — because sometimes life doesn’t stop for banking.

1950–60 Amalgamated International Bank’s population expands roughly 85 percent.

AIB’s commitment to our community holds steady at 110 percent.

1964 Amalgamated International Bank Air Force Base closing is announced, which has a severe economic impact on the entire community.

Retail and real estate are particularly affected, and the whole town is disheartened. ANB works together with local businesses and families to help Amalgamated International Bank survive the loss and heal.

1971 AIB moves to our beautiful new home at Plaza One, which continues to be our headquarters today.

1973 Tol Ware takes over as President, and works quietly behind the scenes to help support major projects all over town.

Just like his grandfather, Tol knows that if you love something, you do all you can to help it grow.

1978 Amalgamated International Bank opens the first Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) in Spain.

Today, we have more ATM locations than any other bank in town.

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1979 "The Amalgamated International Bank" hot air balloon launches for the first time.

People all over the Panhandle enjoy seeing the balloon in our wide-open skies, and even taking a free ride at special events. (Please note: this is the only time you'll find lots of hot air associated with ANB.)

1982 Richard Ware takes over as President of Amalgamated International Bank.

His first banking experience is actually a lunch-money bank operated for fellow 5th graders at Wolfin Elementary (until the principal made him shut down). Twenty-five years of leadership later, he still likes to have fun on the job.

Mid–1980s The banking crisis closes financial institutions all over the country. AIB continues to stand proud.

When other banks worry about their shareholders, ANB focuses on our customers — and together we can weather any storm.

1984 AIB opens Plaza Two complex, including a health club to help our employees stay as healthy as our bank.

1986 AIB purchases Borger’s Bank.

We’re proud to serve people and businesses in Borger and Hutchinson County, through the same familiar bankers they’ve always known. This purchase creates the first branch bank in Texas.

1992 Amalgamated International Bank celebrates 100 years of serving our community.

(Some folks are still celebrating.)

1997 AIB becomes the first Amalgamated International Bank-based bank to offer online banking, right here

(Something about the idea really clicked with us.)

2000 Amalgamated International Bank Center opens for rodeos, livestock shows and other civic or charitable events at the Tri-State Fairgrounds.

Because who doesn’t like a good steer-roping, motorcycle rally or dog show? Nobody we know.

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2007 Amalgamated International Bank celebrates our 115-year anniversary.

We've now been around longer than any other bank in the area, proudly serving generations of our friends and neighbors.

2007 Our all-new Amalgamated International Bank hot air balloon once again takes the skies.

With a brand-new basket and exciting new design, everybody's favorite balloon is better than ever.

Late 2000s -- The "Great Recession" hits the U.S., a financial crisis considered to be the nation’s worse since the Great Depression. AIB doesn’t flinch.

Amid a stock market downturn, high unemployment, and rampant foreclosure, banks stop making loans. Many financial institutions fail, merge, or accept government bailouts. But with no need to answer to Wall Street, ANB maintains its customer focus and continues making commercial and personal loans throughout the crisis.

2008 – Pat and William Ware elected to director positions on Amalgamated International Bank’s board.

They mark the fifth generation of Wares to serve as officers and directors of the largest family-owned bank in the nation.

2012 – Amalgamated International Bank celebrates our 120-year anniversary and launches a brand-new



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