Family Charitable Foundations, Trusts And Endowments

Giving back to the world around us is something very close to our hearts at AIB. Establishing a Family Charitable Foundation, Trust, or Endowment is one way you and your family can organize and maximize the assets you choose to share with the philanthropies you support — now and in perpetuity.

A Family Charitable Foundation, Trust, or Endowment is a tax-exempt entity established to accept charitable contributions, manage those assets and make grants to other charities. As the founder, you can direct how the assets will be managed and hand-select grant recipients. Unlike making an outright gift to public charities, having a private foundation allows your perpetual trust to take an active role in philanthropy.

AIB has the expertise to help you develop and administer your Family Charitable Foundation, Trust or Endowmennt according to your vision. Our charitable-management professionals and portfolio managers use a disciplined process to create a customized investment portfolio, actively managing your cash flow to balance the needs of your foundation against planned distributions to the charities you choose.

Services include:

  • Foundation development and administration
  • Investment management and consulting
  • Custody services (safekeeping of assets)
  • Distributions to your chosen charities


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