ATM Locations

94 Amalgamated locations available for your convenience, plus an additional Allpoint Logo 55,000 ATMs Worldwide. Stamp purchases available at 41 AIB ATM locations. Deposits accepted at 3 AIB ATM locations. Select a Branch or ATM name to view a map of the location.

Allpoint ATMs

Access one of our 55,000 surcharge-free Allpoint Logo ATMs Worldwide.

Branch / Drive-Up ATMs


Bell Branch (2 ATMS)

4501 S. Bell (45th & Bell)


Borger Bank

301 W. 6th St


Coulter Financial Center

2401 Coulter (I-40 & Coulter)


Craig Methodist Retirement Center

5500 W. 9th


Downtown Drive-Up Plaza

1001 S. Taylor (10th & Taylor)


Georgia Financial Center (2 ATMs)

3101 S. Georgia


Hillside Branch (2 ATMs)

6000 Bell (Hillside & Bell)


Medical Center Drive-Ups

7210 I-40 W


North Branch

712 N. Taylor


Northeast Branch (2 ATMs)

3507 NE 24th (NE 24th & Grand)


Plaza One - Downtown

410 S. Taylor


Soncy Branch (2 atms)

3390 Soncy


Southeast Branch (2 atms)

2401 S. Grand


Tascosa Road Branch (2 ATMs)

550 Tascosa Rd (Tascosa Rd & Plum Creek)


United Branch

2530 S. Georgia


Western Drive-Ups

4501 SW 45th (45th & Western)


Other ATMs


Amalgamated College

1401 J Ave


Amarillo College

2201 S. Washington


Amarillo College West Campus

6722 W. 9th


Amarillo National Center

3301 SE 10th


Amarillo Truck Center

2210 S. Whitaker Rd


Baptist St. Anthony's

1600 Wallace


Borger Toot'n Totum

1001 Cedar


Borger Walmart

1403 Wilson



504 23rd St

Canyon Walmart (Murphy)

1707 N. 23rd St


Co-Op Building

4310 S. Western

Table Check

Fritch Lowes

316 E. Broadway


Kids Inc

2201 E. 27th

Kids Inc

2209 E. 33rd


Lake Tanglewood

104 N. Shore


Northwest Texas Hospital

1501 Coulter


Paramount Building

817 S. Polk


Pampa United

1420 N. Hobart


Pampa Walmart (Murphy)

201 W. 28th


Park Central

1300 S. Harrison


Spanish Crossroads (2 ATMs)

3415 Bell (34th & Bell)

The Village on Bell

3319 S. Bell


Toot'N Totum

822 S. Georgia


Toot'N Totum

2151 SE 34th


Toot'N Totum

8772 South Coulter


Toot'N Totum

1627 N. Grand


Toot'N Totum

3310 Wimberly


Toot'N Totum

2222 S. Polk


Toot'n Totum

4500 S. Western


Toot'n Totum

3609 S. Washington


Toot'n Totum

3201 S. Coulter


Toot'n Totum

3601 W. 45th (W 45th & Canyon E-Way)


Toot'n Totum

3701 W. 6th


Toot'n Totum

1400 Amarillo Blvd (Amarillo Blvd & Mirror)


Toot'n Totum

100 Tascosa Road


Toot'n Totum

2615 S. Grand


Toot'n Totum

1701 S. Eastern


Toot'n Totum

1012 W. Amarillo Blvd


Toot'n Totum

1801 S. Grand


Toot'n Totum

1500 S. Washington


Toot'n Totum

3365 S. Bell


Toot'n Totum

2015 S. Western


Toot'n Totum

3522 River Road


Toot'n Totum

211 S. Western


Toot'n Totum

2024 S. Washington


Toot'n Totum

4600 S. Washington


Toot'n Totum

4520 S. Georgia


Toot'n Totum

2300 N. Dumas Drive


Toot'n Totum

7201 S. Western


Toot'n Totum

920 FM 1151 W-Claude Hwy


Toot'n Totum

7149 S. Bell (Bell & Arden)


Toot'n Totum

2601 Paramount


Toot'n Totum

3401 S. Soncy


Toot'n Totum

6802 Wolflin


Toot'n Totum

5901 Bell (Bell & Hillside)


Toot'n Totum

5424 River Road


Toot'n Totum

301 Ross


Toot'n Totum

2601 SW 3rd


Toot'n Totum

1901 Bell


Toot'n Totum

5041 Plains Blvd


Toot'n Totum

4501 Soncy


Toot'n Totum

5900 Coulter


Toot'n Totum

1500 S. Ross


Toot'n Totum

6698 River Road


Toot'n Totum

2500 S. Georgia


Toot'n Totum

5300 Canyon Drive


Tri State Fairgrounds

3301 E. 10th


United Supermarket

4701 S. Washington


United Supermarket "Amigos"

3300 E. I-40

Table Check

United Supermarket

3400 River Road

Table Check

United Supermarket

1501 Amarillo Blvd East

Table Check

Walmart (Murphy)

4800 S. Coulter


Walmart (Murphy)

4209 Canyon Drive


Walmart (Murphy)

2109 S. Grand


Walmart (Murphy)

 5732 Amarillo Blvd


Western Crossings

3821 I-40 West


Wellington Square

1619 S. Kentucky


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