Free Overdraft Protection for Government Employees

October 7, 2013 Press Release

Due to the recent government shutdown, federal employees, veterans and others  might receive their monthly checks late.

Because of this recent unpleasantness, we will offer free overdraft protection to all government employees while the government is shutdown. 

This program will last one month after the government resumes regular operations.

Please call or visit one of our branches to get signed up.

Amarillo National Bank is 100% family owned, therefore not affected by the shutdown.

“This is why we are different,…” says William Ware, Senior Vice President. “ We always put our customers first and have never relied on the Government for Capital. The Government might be shut down, but we are open for business.” 

“We want our customers to know that we will always take care of them no matter how dysfunctional our government might act,” says Ware. “We’ve been here over 120 years and seen our share of political turbulence, but nothing has stopped our bank from operating.”


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